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BEFORE your spray tan, you should exfoliate, shave/wax & get your pedicure (if needed).  If you are planning to get a Pedicure, do it at least the day BEFORE your spray tan.  Using an exfoliating wash or exfoliating mitt to remove dead skin cells or old spray tan solution is a Best Practice.  The spray tan results you want are seen when exfoliating and avoiding any heavy lotions or perfumes the day of your tan. Any skin additives/oils can affect how the spray tan adheres to your skin.  You will also want to wipe away makeup or deodorant before the tan.  


Before Your Appointment

Setup for Your Appointment if it is mobile

We will spray tan you in a dark colored portable spray tan booth.  If your appointment is mobile, please make enough room for the technician to set up.  We need direct access to a 3-prong wall outlet to plug in the spray tan machine.  You want to choose an area that has good lighting.  Your technician needs to be able to see what they are doing.  We have sprayed clients in bedrooms, garages, outside decks, spare rooms and showers.  The tent is 6' high so we will need ceiling clearance to open it.  Please also be aware that our machine can make some slight noise so choose an area that will not interfere with a sleeping baby or other family members in your home.


During Your Appointment

During the appointment, you can wear your bra &/or panties, a bikini, 1-piece suit, your birthday suit, whatever you want depending on your comfort level.  Tan lines or no tan lines are completely up to your discretion; however, if you choose to wear any garments, we recommend a dark color because solution will transfer on your garments. 

For male appointments, sorry but you must keep your bottom covered.  Tanning solution will NOT be applied to your front bits.  

For everyone's comfort, we do not allow couples to join each other during your tan.


Getting dressed After Your Tan

After your spray tan, you should put on dark, very loose clothing to lounge around in and sleep in the night of your tan.  We highly discourage using bras, sports bras, jeans, workout tights, socks or tight shoes.  You do not want to put anything tight fitting onto your skin that may cause your tan to smear or rub off.  The looser, the better, to allow the tan to develop properly.  Your technician will advise you if they recommend a looser outfit.  This is to protect your investment & satisfaction.


After Your Appointment

The processing time is 8 hours for an optimized tan.  (unless you received a rapid tan, then the processing time is 1-4 hours) The next day your tan will continue to develop.  We strongly recommend waiting to shower, sweat or get wet until after the 8 hours has passed.  During your first shower, don’t worry if you see a little color in the shower, this is normal.  What you are seeing is cosmetic bronzer that was applied during your tan; your beautiful tan will remain & continue to process.  Best practice is to use only the soap and your hand to wash off the bronzer but be sure to wash your entire body, don't leave any of the bronzer behind.  Try to avoid any harsh rags, washcloths or scrubs or long tub times.  After showering, "pat dry” with your towel to prevent streaking.


The SECRET to keeping any amazing tan is...

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!!!!  Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!!  The more you keep your skin moisturized, the longer it will take to activate the fading process.  We suggest using soft soaps and light lotions without perfume or additives to prolong your tan.  Long periods of time spent in a pool, hot tub or bath tub can activate your fading process.  Ultimately, Dry and dehydrated skin will shorten the life of your tan.   

If you follow these tips, your tan will develop and fade beautifully. 

But most of all...

 Enjoy your tan !!!

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