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Bayou Glo Tan is a mobile sunless tanning service using Fantasy Tan® products.


Why risk your health with UV tanning from a tanning booth?

 Sunless tanning is the healthiest way to get your desired tan & do it in minutes.


The difference between choosing Bayou Glo Tan versus a spray tanning booth is our custom 360° personal color AND contour application to your body.  Every color is custom mixed on site and specific to your skin tone and event.  We have 5 different colors to choose from when mixing.  It's not a "One Size Fits Most" tan.  It's Your Tan!

Another major benefit of using Bayou Glo Tan is the convenience & comfort of being in your own home or office.


Your safety, relaxation and satisfaction are our top priorities.


Bayou Glo Tan supplies the leading solution for a professional medical grade spray tanning system that will provide a guaranteed flawless tan.  It is never orange, green or streaky, just gorgeous natural color that develops and fades beautifully to suit multiple skin types.


Results are so natural, “They” will never know it’s a spray tan.


If everyone looks great tan, Why wait any longer...?


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